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Seasonal Supplements: Summer

Like the seasons, our bodies also change throughout the year. Now that summer is on its way, our supplement routines may need to change a little in line with our more active lifestyles and the warmer weather - to keep us feeling energized, healthy, and glowing this summer.

Here is our guide to the best supplements to consider for the summer months: -

Vitamin C

While we all love it when the sun is shining, we must be careful and protect ourselves from sun exposure. Vitamin C can be helpful in preventing and treating sunburn – although a good suntan lotion is also needed. Vitamin C can also help support the immune system and help with histamine responses to those pesky seasonal allergies, which is especially important as we tend to spend more time outdoors and are exposed to more pollutants during this season.

Vitamins A & E  

Protecting your skin against sun damage is very important as the sun's ultraviolet light can cause major damage to the skin. In addition to sunburn, there are more long-lasting effects such as reduced skin elasticity causing wrinkles that need to be considered.  Antioxidants are nature’s answer to reducing the impact of UV exposure on the skin.  Taking antioxidants will not stop you burning but they can help to reduce the damage done by the sun. Vitamins A and E are excellent antioxidants and have long been used topically in face creams. Taking these nutrients internally will be more effective in maintaining the long-term health of your skin as internal consumption gets nutrients into every layer of the skin as opposed to only the top few layers.

Vitamin D

We hear you asking, ‘Why do I need the sunshine vitamin in the summer’? There are several reasons while you still may need to top up vitamin D during the summer months, depending on your lifestyle. It’s important to note that although we maybe outdoors more in the summer months, we use suntan lotion to prevent sunburn or we cover up to protect ourselves, so we aren’t always exposed to the amount of sunlight we need for our daily dose of Vitamin D.


The summer months can be harsh on the skin. Collagen is great for repairing damaged tissue throughout the body and can help sun-damaged skin heal faster, especially for the older folk amongst us as collagen production slows as we age. In addition, collagen also aids joint recovery which may be a great help if you are more active in the summer months.

Skin, Hair & Nail Gummies

Summer can be extra hard for our hair, skin, and nails due to the dehydration effects of the sun. Dehydrated hair causes damage to its protein structure, which means it can break much more easily than usual. The best supplements to take to keep your hair hydrated should contain the essential mineral - zinc, which keeps hair follicles nice and strong. Our amazing gummies are formulated to support the healthy appearance and strength of your skin, hair, and nails. With biotin, selenium, zinc and vitamin C for normal collagen formation, they are a perfect addition to your summer supplementation.