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  1. Turmeric & Glucosamine
    90 Tablets
    Only 28p per tablet
    Code: W999
    RRP £29.99
    180 Tablets
    Only 23p per tablet
    Code: W1065
    RRP £59.98
    360 Tablets
    Only 20p per tablet
    Code: W1066
    RRP £99.97

    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    • 500mg Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCI
    • 167mg Turmeric Extract
    • 3 tablets provides the optimum dose of both ingredients
    We have combined Glucosamine and Turmeric in one tablet, making it easier to obtain the benefits of these popular supplements. Just one tablet provide...
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  2. Turmeric 10,000mg
    60 Tablets
    Only 35p per tablet
    Code: W890
    RRP £26.95
    120 Tablets
    Only 31p per tablet
    Code: W891
    RRP £45.95
    180 Tablets
    Only 28p per tablet
    Code: W892
    RRP £66.95

    • 95% Curcuminoids
    • A massive 10,000mg of Turmeric in one tablet!
    • Only the finest and responsibly sourced Turmeric is used
    • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans!
    Turmeric 10,000mg High power formula. Turmeric contains large amounts of an active compound named curcumin....
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  3. Turmeric 10,000mg & Black Pepper
    90 Tablets
    Only 37p per tablet
    Code: W1003
    RRP £45.49
    180 Tablets
    Only 28p per tablet
    Code: W1073
    RRP £90.98
    360 Tablets
    Only 23p per tablet
    Code: W1074
    RRP £136.47

    • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
    • Packed with Curcuminoids
    • Only the finest and responsibly sourced Turmeric
    Our Turmeric 10,000mg & Black Pepper contains 500mg of Turmeric Extract equivalent to a whopping 10,000mg of the whole herb and provides 475mg Cur...
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  4. Turmeric 15,000mg & Black Pepper
    60 Tablets
    Only 42p per tablet
    Code: W1004
    RRP £35.49
    120 Tablets
    Only 35p per tablet
    Code: W1075
    RRP £70.98
    240 Tablets
    Only 30p per tablet
    Code: W1076
    RRP £106.47

    • Our highest strength Turmeric supplement
    • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
    • With Vitamin C
    • Zinc & Vitamin B5
    Not only have we created our new 10,000mg Turmeric formula and added Black Pepper Extract, we have gone one step further and produced Turmeric 15,000m...
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  5. Turmeric 500mg
    90 Capsules
    Only 20p per capsule
    Code: W753
    RRP £22.95
    180 Capsules
    Only 19p per capsule
    Code: W893
    RRP £44.90
    360 Capsules
    Only 13p per capsule
    Code: W1017
    RRP £65.49

    • High in curcuminoids
    • Only the finest extract used
    • Responsibly sourced
    • Used in Asian medicine for thousands of years
    Turmeric is best known as the key ingredient in curries, but it has also recently been found to have amazing health benefits....
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  6. Turmeric Complex with Piperine
    30 Capsules
    Only 50p per capsule
    Code: W897
    RRP £23.95
    60 Capsules
    Only 45p per capsule
    Code: W898
    RRP £38.95
    90 Capsules
    Only 43p per capsule
    Code: W899
    RRP £54.95

    • Our ultimate turmeric supplement
    • Combined with black pepper, rich in piperine
    • With Ginger extract, packed with gingerols, Glutathione & Manganese.
    • Sustainably harvested - no damage to Mother Earth
    Our best ever Turmeric supplement! Turmeric combined with Black Pepper and Ginger.  A combination of botanical extracts, Glutathione&nb...
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  7. Turmeric for Pets
    90 capsules
    Only 23p per capsule
    Code: W920
    RRP £24.95
    180 capsules
    Only 19p per capsule
    Code: W921
    RRP £40.90
    360 capsules
    Only 14p per capsule
    Code: W1112
    RRP £67.98

    • Formulated to take care of your four-legged friends
    • Each capsule provides: 500mg Turmeric
    • Packed with active compounds known as Curcuminoids
    • Only the finest Turmeric extract used in our capsules
    Designed and formulated to take care of your four legged friends.
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